Elijah House Academy
March 31, 2022
6627 Jahnke Rd., Richmond, Virginia
Job Type


Position Goals : 


EHA is searching for an experienced teacher who believes in and embodies our philosophy of education such that his or her curriculum and instruction cultivates within our students a love for the humanities. This teacher will be responsible for developing a mastery of the content, relevant skill sets, and habits needed to develop such a love within the students.


Position Reporting Responsibility: 


This position reports directly to the Dean of Academics.




Anyone who is seeking this position at EHA must:


  • Agree with the EHA statement of religious beliefs
  • Embody the mission, vision and core values of EHA
  • Prioritize relationships through effective communication and collaboration within our diverse community
  • Hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree (required)
  • Offer classroom experience (required)
  • Familiarity and/or experience with a classical or Charlotte Mason approach to education (preferred)


Position Functions and Essential Duties:




  • Teach the curriculum as approved by the Dean of Academics
  • Create and/or enhance unit plans for content areas
  • Submit weekly lesson plans/daily objectives in a timely manner
  • Conduct regular formative assessments in addition to periodic summative assessments and document these on a weekly basis, enabling timely preparation of progress reports and quarterly report cards
  • Lead Morning Discipleship within the homeroom class


Classroom Manager


  • Execute homeroom duties
  • Create and implement a classroom management plan
  • Keep daily records (attendance, behavioral documentation, etc.)


Parent Advocate and Communicator


  • Communicate weekly with parents through Monday Packets
  • Plan and execute parent/teacher conferences when scheduled and when needs arise
  • Schedule and follow through on annual home visits


Community Member


  • Attend mandatory staff meetings, professional development, and teacher work days
  • Attend mandatory after-school events
  • Attend extra-curricular activities when available
  • Raise awareness of EHA in your own social networks




  • Physical classroom space
  • Laptop
  • Classroom and playground equipment
  • Curricular materials

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