Ascent Classical Academies
May 22, 2019
Lone Tree, Colorado
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Ascent Classical Academies  is seeking a Principal to join the team at our Douglas County campus, starting in the 2019-2020 academic year.  Ascent Classical Academy Douglas County is a K-12 charter school offering a classical program that focuses on a content-rich curriculum and the development of good moral character and virtue among our students and community.  ACA schools partner with the Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI) at Hillsdale College to support the academic program and good conduct of our schools. The Douglas County Campus will be located in Lone Tree, Colorado this next school year and will enroll approximately 590 students.

The Principal is the Master Teacher and Chief Executive for the operation of the School, accountable to the BOD and ultimately responsible for the success of the education of the students in accordance with the principles set forth in the charter document.  As leader of the School, the Principal must have high moral character and embrace the virtues of a free and just society.

The Principal shall:

  • Implement the School’s mission, vision, and policies as set forth by the BOD
  • Support the BOD in securing the School’s long-term interests
  • Foster excellence and academic integrity
  • Ensure sound management of the School

The following expands on the duties above:

Implementing the School’s Mission, Vision, and Policies

The Principal shall:

  • Articulate the ideals of classical education among BOD, faculty, staff, parents, students, and the community at large
  • Adopt and promote the vision, mission, and the principles of the charter
  • Support and adhere to the agreements between the School and the Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI), as adopted by the BOD
  • Approve all curricular purchases and programs, based on guidance from the BOD and BSCI
  • Ensure the virtues and duties of a free and just society are appropriately taught
  • Ensure all extra-curricular activities uphold the mission and philosophy of the School
  • Participate in annual professional development seminars offered through the Barney Charter School Initiative
  • Keep informed of the current state of education in the nation

Supporting the School’s Long-term Interests

The Principal shall

  • Promote the role of the School as a pillar of academic and character excellence in the community
  • Protect the School from curricular innovations by ensuring that the curriculum and its delivery is academically sound and consistent with the philosophy of the School as set forth in the charter application, as well as guidance from BCSI
  • Promote the School’s autonomy to fulfill its mission and vision, including financial autonomy

Fostering Excellence and Academic Integrity

The Principal shall:

  • Cultivate and reward student excellence
  • Develop and promote character education
  • Cultivate and reward excellence in teaching
  • Plan for the academic and professional growth of faculty
  • Teach one class and demonstrate mastery as a teacher, to set an example for faculty and students
  • Develop him or herself in accordance with the School’s Core Virtues

Sound Management of the School

The Principal oversees the development and evaluation of faculty, staff, and students, as well as the prudent allocation of School resources.

School and Faculty:

The Principal shall:

  • Recruit the best teachers to work for Ascent Classical Academy
  • Recommend new faculty and staff positions to the BOD
  • Evaluate personnel performance
  • Motivate and unify faculty and staff in a non-threatening environment
  • Foster collegiality among faculty and staff
  • Work closely with parent groups and committees
  • Advise the BOD and Assistant Principal regarding the management of physical resources
  • Recommend corrective action to address recognized problems
  • Facilitate communication among BOD, faculty, staff, parents, and students
  • Ensure the professionalism of the faculty and staff
  • Oversee creation of the student handbook in cooperation with the Board of Directors
  • Inform registrar and the BOD of class offerings and teacher assignments
  • Ensure that faculty are uniformly and consistently implementing the academic policies


The Principal shall:

  • Set budget priorities in line with the school’s mission
  • Acquire general knowledge of the School’s fiscal status
  • Authorize expenditures in accordance with the annual budget
  • Consult the BOD regarding extraordinary expenditures
  • Oversee and approve teacher employment agreements
  • Review monthly the ordinary administration of the School, and the implementation of budgets

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Master's Degree in a related field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Substantial classroom teaching experience
  • Experience in educational management or administration
  • Management/Supervision experience
  • The ability to speak and write clearly and persuasively
  • Unwavering commitment to and deep understanding of classical education
  • Ability to oversee a classically-based curriculum

Other Desired Characteristics

  • Knowledge of the Core Knowledge Curriculum
  • Experience in or knowledge of charter or independent schools
  • Previous K-12 education classroom experience


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