Upper School Humanities Teacher

The Wilberforce School Published: January 28, 2018


Upper School Humanities Teacher:

The Wilberforce School seeks a teacher who will facilitate discussion and narration-based classes on literature and teach language arts (writing, revising, speaking, grammar, logical argumentation). In the classroom, this teacher will model a love of words, of story, and of learning in community.

Humane Letters encourages students to understand and analyze the enduring principles of Western civilization through careful, integrated study of both history and great literature. In the Upper School, classes include both single-gender and coeducational settings, providing students more room to explore and discuss their studies.

This position may also include teaching in another subject area. Possibilities include: Bible, Latin, World History, and Forensics.

If you are interested in applying, please send your cover letter and resume to employment@wilberforceschool.org