The Great Dance: How the Cosmos Sings and Moves by Love

Jesus upholds the universe by the Word of His power and the center of the cosmos is Love that binds everything together in perfect harmony. The idea of music and dance as formative images appears in the writing of Augustine, Boethius, Dante, Lewis and Charles Williams. Formal dance requires the learning of steps, mutual submission […]

Leading For The Common Good

Based upon my research of 550 interviews with American CEOs, senior government leaders, and nonprofit executives, this talk explores how a liberal arts approach to leadership helps develop leaders for the common good.

Introduction to The Trivium

It was a return to teaching the Trivium arts (grammar,logic and rhetoric) that started the renewal of classical education nearly 30 years ago. In fact much of the renewal of classical education can be characterized as “Trivium-Based Education.” This seminar is designed for those new to classical education who need to understand the origin, development […]

Are We Blind? Visual Culture in the Classical School

What does it mean ‘to look’ and ‘to see’? What is the role of the visual arts in the classical Christian school? Is there a theology of sight, and of looking? Is there a ‘visual/socratic interface’? Is ‘classical art’ the only kind of art we should spend time thinking about? How does our visual cultural […]