Classical Education in an Urban Context

by Peter Vande Brake July 16, 2017

This seminar will explore the challenges of providing classical and Christian education in the urban context. I have often used the following analogy: doing classical education in a suburban context is to doing classical education in an urban context as as general practice physician’s work is to a trauma surgeons’s work. The needs of students […]

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Classical Education context urban school urban students

The Liberal Arts as a Model, not a Modification

by Andrew Smith February 15, 2017

The Christian, classical school renewal movement does not consist of one-size-fits-all method and curriculum. Rather, it is filled with excellent, timeless, and effective practices and purposes for engaging in education. While these practices and purposes manifest themselves in varying and nuanced ways from school to school, they share two things in common: 1) they are […]

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Classical Education Liberal Arts Modern Education

Aslan in the Academy: What C. S. Lewis Can Teach the Modern Christian Educator

by Louis Markos June 17, 2016

Dr. Markos discusses the various facets of the work of C. S. Lewis and how it can inform the modern project of Classical Christian education, with a particular focus on the role of the past in Lewis’ thinking.

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C.S. Lewis Classical Education Medieval

Plato: Understanding the Foundations of the Classical Education Tradition

by David Diener June 16, 2016

Plato is one of the principal founders of the western intellectual tradition, and his understanding of education has had a profound impact on the development of educational theory and practice around the world for nearly two-and-a-half millennia. The study of his views is thus of great benefit, both as a means of examining fundamental questions […]

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Classical Education Philosophy Plato

Recovering the Lost Tools of Loving: The Missing Link Between Truth and Goodness in Christian Education

by Scott Aniol June 16, 2016

Douglas Wilson’s 1991 book Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning set off an interest in classical Christian education that enjoys continued growth to this day. Since that time much has been written about the conservation of the Judeo-Christian liberal arts tradition of academics. Classical teaching methods and curricula have been emphasized as tools to help children learn […]

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Affections Classical Education

The Christian Liberal Arts: An Education for True Freedom

by George Sanker June 16, 2016

George Sanker shares his journey to classical Christian education and discusses the value of the liberal arts for every student.

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Classical Education Liberal Arts

Education as Formation

by Robyn Burlew June 15, 2016

Robyn Burlew discusses the problems that can result when when we think of classical education as a method rather than as a goal of formation.

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Classical Education Formation

Panel: Deep Thinking and Embodied Thinking

by Kevin Clark June 15, 2016

Kevin Clark, Andrew Smith, and Ravi Jain have a discussion about the nature of correct thinking and how we want students to engage the curriculum in our schools not just with their minds but with their hearts and bodies as well.  

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Classical Education Critical Thinking Gymnastic

Must Academic Rigor Lead to Rigor Mortis? How to Engage Your Students Through Classical Methods and Active Participation

by Allison Jackson June 6, 2016

Classical education need not be stodgy or strictly lecture-based. Children (and adults!) benefit from a variety of instructional strategies and learning methods. Students can think deeply and stay engaged when they have the opportunity to play with ideas, to move to learn, and to articulate their understanding along the way. This practical workshop will equip […]

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Classical Education engage Students

Why Can’t They Just Sit Still?: An Exploration of Dualism’s Impact on Modern Education

by Athena Oden June 6, 2016

The culture of American education is increasingly focused on one goal: higher performance at a younger age. As a result, very young hearts are anxious and fearful under the pressure of expectations that are perhaps beyond their ability. Our prekindergarten to elementary children struggle to sit ‘properly’ in classrooms and wield a pencil to demonstrate […]

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child development Classical Education dualism Gymnastic Modern Education

Panel Discussion: Teaching Bible and Theology in a Classical School

by Jim Watkins June 28, 2015

Teaching Bible and theology in a classical school comes with its own peculiar set of challenges. To what extent should a Bible/theology teacher be sensitive to the diverse influences that inform her students’ understanding of their faith? What is the best way to address controversial subjects in a Bible/theology classroom? What does it meant to […]

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Bible Classical Education Discussion Theology

An Introduction to Christian Classical Education

by Peter Vande Brake June 28, 2015

This seminar will introduce participants to the classical education movement as it has taken shape over the last 35 years. It will also go over much of the literature that the movement has spawned during that period which expounds on the content and structure of the Christian classical education movement.

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Classical Education

Classical Economics

by Steven Tye June 28, 2015

Let’s face it – not many of our students will be following in our academic footsteps. The vast majority will be entering the marketplace as businessmen and women. While a classical liberal arts education prepares them well for their careers, the ideology of modern economic scientism they are likely to encounter in college and the […]

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Beauty Business Classical Education Curriculum Economics Interdisciplinary Upper School Worldview

Charlotte Mason, the Art of Student Formation and the Classroom

by Bill St. Cyr June 28, 2015

Answering the question, What is optimal pedagogy? Bill St. Cyr, Ph.D., Executive Director of Ambleside Schools International, explores the insights of contemporary neuroscience and the ideas of British educator, Charlotte Mason.

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Charlotte Mason Classical Education Discipleship Pedagogy Science

Charlotte Mason, Neuroscience, Personhood and the Nature of Human Formation

by Bill St. Cyr June 28, 2015

Answering the question, ‘What forms the human heart and mind?’ Bill St. Cyr, Ph.D., Executive Director of Ambleside Schools International, explores the insights of contemporary neuroscience and the ideas of British educator, Charlotte Mason.

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Charlotte Mason Classical Education Learning Pedagogy Science Worldview