Establishing A Peace-Making Culture

by Eric Cook June 26, 2014

How much time do you spend in conflict with others at school? Whether it is teachers and parents, students and students, administrators and teachers, board members and administrators, every type of relationship in your school community has or will experience pain, miscommunication, broken trust, and disappointment. What you do next speaks volumes about your school […]

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Classroom Communication Environment Relationships

21st-Century Learning Skills and Classical Education: Is There Common Ground?

by Jim Reynolds June 29, 2012

This session will provide an overview of the ideas of learning 21st-century learning skills advocates and explore whether these skills align with classical education. The focus will primarily be on the partnership for 21st-century Learning Skills and this organizations call for teaching communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills.

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Classical Education Communication Learning Skills Teaching

Top 3 Things the Board Can do to Strengthen or Weaken the Board-Head Relationship

by Robert Littlejohn May 28, 2011

“The average tenure of school heads is about 5.5 years and the average length of trustee service is 3.5 years. Due to these patterns, there need to be more ‘touchstones’ of approved and understood tools to retain mission integrity and protect the school from a crisis. The strategic plan helps to ensure this. Simultaneously, we […]

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