Teachers as Intellectuals, Not Technicians

Many 21st century teachers view themselves primarily as technicians: they are professional educators who have been trained with a set of skills that, when correctly employed, will produce the prescribed outcomes. In this seminar, however, I argue that teachers should view themselves primarily as intellectuals, not as technicians. Teachers are master learners whose primary job […]

5 Mistakes School Boards Make and How to Avoid Them

Good boards can help good schools become great schools. Poor boards can also tear good schools down. The common mistakes that boards make are not usually the result of wrong intent—in fact, it’s normally quite the opposite. But good intent applied to misunderstood circumstances can have a detrimental effect.

Living Virtuously in a Virtuous World

Information technology can be a great tool for education, but as Christian educators we must think critically about the technology that we adopt into our lives. This seminar will look at the ethical dilemmas posed by some of the most popular aspects of modern information technology and examine the response that we should have as […]

History of Modern and Progressive Education

This seminar will trace the history of progressive education, beginning in 1890s with the emergence of several teacher’s colleges that criticized classical learning and advocated a progressive approach that emphasized a differentiated curriculum which divided students according to their likely future occupations. The seminar will trace the leading thinkers of progressive education from Herbert Spencer […]

A Critique of Modern Assessment

Modern assessment is not very old and it is not very classical. Where did it come from and why, when it works so poorly and for the wrong reasons, do we practice it so universally? What is useful in our practices and what should we avoid? What would it take to restore and practice a […]

Building Parent Partnerships That Last

Have you ever spoken to one of your families and realized they just don’t get it? Ever had five of those conversations in one week? When is the last time you invited a youth pastor to speak at your chapel? Will you ever do it again? Many of our families and churches still do not […]

What is Classical Education?

What makes a classical education? Is Latin necessary? What is the difference between classical and neoclassical education? How does this change the way we teach? Susan Wise Bauer will discuss the distinctives of classical education and the methods that classical educators should adopt- as well as those that should be avoided. Includes Q&A.

Discovering, Recovering, Uncovering: The Lost Wisdom behind the Lost Tools

For all modern people, its tempting- even for educators with the best motivations- to reduce the classical approach to a technique in service of ends quite different from those that were served in the great tradition. This seminar will encourage a deeper reorientation of our goals by highlighting some books that describe the telos of […]

Approaching Evolution

How should Christian educators approach the topic of evolution? With brilliant evangelical believers on both sides of the issue, what is at stake in the discussion? what is the role of intelligent design? Is there an alternative scientific model for the origin of biological complexity besides natural selection? Where are the ‘good gaps’? Is the […]