READING – The Logic of English

by Denise Eide May 28, 2011

Many learners are frustrated by the inconsistency of English. Most people believe that English is not logical and does not follow patterns. This is simply not true. The codes is complex and the patterns are beautiful. In this workshop participants will discover the phonograms and spelling rules which explain 98% of English words and learn […]

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English Grammar Reading

English Grammar The Structure Surrounding Thought

by Tammy Peters May 28, 2011

This workshop will consider the analytical approach to teaching English grammar as a tool to ordering thought. This analytical approach, first used in the 1860’s does not just identify parts of a sentence, but identifies the reasoning behind each grammatical element. This approach is currently used with our second through fifth grade students at Mars […]

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Analytic Learning English Grammar

Latin and English: A Primer on (Linguistic) History

by Edward Chandler May 28, 2010

Latin and English have had a closely intertwined relationship thought the last millennium-and-a-half. As English-speaking schools that emphasize to varying levels the acquisition of Latin skills, it is of great benefit to understand the history of that relationship, how Latin and its successors influenced English, and what place Latin should have vis-a-vis English in the […]

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Classical Education English Latin Linguistics