The Liberal, Common, and Fine Arts

by Ravi Jain July 21, 2017

Over the past three decades, Christian classical schools have championed the recovery of the liberal arts and discovered lost wisdom in the Trivium as the arts of language and the Quadrivium as the arts of mathematics. But while unearthing these treasures, many have also noted C.S. Lewis’ warning in The Abolition of Man. If we […]

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Training the Affections: Inviting Students to Love Great Music

by Lilli Benko June 27, 2012

As modern American culture trends towards shorter (and flashier) media presentations, our society – including the church – is at risk of loosing the common language of the great works in music and fine arts. Our children are increasingly less familiar with the beauty of music and lack the attention skills and knowledge to understand […]

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Where do the Fine Arts fit in Classical Education?

by Carol Reynolds June 3, 2012

Classical Education is enjoying a lovely revival. But where do the Fine Arts fit? Music may be part of the Quadrivium, but how do we apply the Ancient concept of “music” to modern times? What about drama, painting, architecture, and dance? Is it enough to tackle a sampling of masterworks?

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The Art of Drama

by Nancy Sattler June 3, 2012

As Shakespeare noted in his introduction to Henry V, drama is the work of imagination. By word and glance, by pause and movement the story told through drama communicates vividly, whether it be one of Shakespeare’s plays on a stage or acting out a story about “the big one that got away” as you talk […]

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The Beauty of Teaching Music Classically

by Nancy Love June 3, 2009

Ms. Love explains how to encourage all ages of students to hear, understand, and personalize great works. She outlines how to provide the necessary historic, scientific, and thematic context before listening to a piece. Ms. Love demonstrates how to use a variety of methods to understand music including audio/visual pattern recognition and “The Art of […]

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