Slaying the Cram-Pass-Forget Dragon

by John Mays July 17, 2017

The norm for classes in contemporary schools is the Cram-Pass-Forget cycle. Students cram for tests, pass them, then forget most of what they crammed in just a few weeks. Instead of cramming and forgetting, students should learn, master; and retain what they have learned. This workshop presents an overview of a tested and proven mastery-oriented […]

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Effort Alone will not Develop a Growth Mindset in Math

by Patti Chesney June 16, 2016

Carol’s Dweck’s book Mindset has revolutionized classrooms across the country. But in an effort to get on the bandwagon, many people have mistakenly associated effort alone with growth mindset. In this session we will explore best teaching practices to develop and maximize the benefits of a growth mindset in teaching mathematics.

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The Philosophy of Science and Its Impact on Math and Science Instruction

by Ravi Jain June 15, 2016

What if everything has the property of number? What if everything can be thought of both as continuous and discrete? Ravi Jain presents a brief overview of the philosophy of science and how it can inform instruction in math and science in classical Christian schools.

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Guidelines for Realizing Biblical Faithfulness in Science and Math

by John Mays June 29, 2012

Science classes at classical and Christian schools should embody key distinctives that differentiate them from typical classes at other schools. The same holds true for math classes. One of the distinctives is biblical faithfulness. In this seminar the presenter will argue that simply starting class with prayer or a Bible reading, or acknowledging God as […]

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A Christian Classical Paradigm for Math and Science

by Ravi Jain June 5, 2011

Have you ever found yourself at your desk thinking, how do I teach math and science classically when they seem so modern? In this session, we will discuss how teaching using an intuitive balance of wonder, work, wisdom and worship allows us to recover the ancient categories for math and science like the quadrivium, natural […]

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Teacher First, Curriculum Second: Teaching Math Effectively

by Ellen Yarbrough June 3, 2009

Understand the critical elements of an excellent math curriculum and the practical application of those elements into your classroom. Learn the signs, solutions and strategies of students’ struggles to uncover the math potential in every student.

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