The Liberal Arts as a Model, not a Modification

by Andrew Smith February 15, 2017

The Christian, classical school renewal movement does not consist of one-size-fits-all method and curriculum. Rather, it is filled with excellent, timeless, and effective practices and purposes for engaging in education. While these practices and purposes manifest themselves in varying and nuanced ways from school to school, they share two things in common: 1) they are […]

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Why Can’t They Just Sit Still?: An Exploration of Dualism’s Impact on Modern Education

by Athena Oden June 6, 2016

The culture of American education is increasingly focused on one goal: higher performance at a younger age. As a result, very young hearts are anxious and fearful under the pressure of expectations that are perhaps beyond their ability. Our prekindergarten to elementary children struggle to sit ‘properly’ in classrooms and wield a pencil to demonstrate […]

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Intellectual Character 1/2 – Now what? How can I nurture virtuous intellectual character in my students and my school?

by Phillip Dow June 6, 2016

The concept of intellectual character has strong biblical and classical roots, but until very recently has been largely ignored or missed by modern education. In this session, Phil Dow will define “intellectual character,” describe its potentially transformative impact on learning and life, and argue that the pursuit of virtuous intellectual character needs to be a […]

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Teaching Is…. an Art

by Christopher Perrin June 6, 2016

In 1950 Gilbert Highet wrote a book called The Art of Teaching. Highet was a well-regarded teacher of classics at Columbia University (a colleague with Jacques Barzun) and he knew very well that the teaching profession was rapidly be transformed into a science by his fellows at the nearby Columbia Teacher’s College. Highet was not […]

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