Character Education: Why it Doesn’t Work (and How it could) – Al Zambone

by Al Zambone July 14, 2017

As modern American culture has grown more pluralistic, it has a reduced number of common assumptions, commitments, and language. This has led to two important results. The first is the rise of a tacit positivism: the belief that all public claims to knowledge should be empirically, scientifically, or mathematically justified. The second result is a […]

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Men Without Chests: The Dangers of a Values Free Education

by Louis Markos June 7, 2013

In The Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis discusses what happens when society abandons its duty to educate its children in accordance with fixed moral/ethical standards (the Tao). After defining and defending Lewis’s concept of the Tao, and tracing how a values-free approach to education kills virtue, wonder, and courage, I will conclude with a […]

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