Mission Aligned Planning, Assignments, and Assessments

by Robyn Burlew July 19, 2017

Mission statements too often grace brochures and walls without informing day-to-day practice in the classroom. Teachers need to consider their school’s mission statements as they plan and execute their classes. When we fail to do so, students perceive that we don’t really mean what is written in our lofty documents. This workshop will focus on […]

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Triangulating Community Outreach, Parent Education, and Professional Development: The Great Conversations Series at Covenant Classical School (Ft.Worth, Texas) as a Case Study-Part II

by Marcus Foster June 6, 2016

After a summary of last year’s seminar on the Great Conversation Series at Covenant Classical School (Ft.Worth, Texas), this seminar will further develop the GCS Seminars (for parents and teachers) as a tool for organically fostering cross disciplinary integration, cross grade level collaboration, and cross parent pollination with curriculum and pedagogy. The practical side of […]

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Curricular Planning From the Top Down

by Robert Littlejohn June 3, 2009

Top down (12-K) Curricular planning. This session will address the need for curriculum planning to “Begin with the end in view.” What outcomes do we want for our graduates? What knowledge, skills and virtues are essential for a graduate to reap the full benefits of the education that our mission claims to offer? We will […]

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