The Cultivation of Virtue and the Telos of Education Part 1

Every model of education has a telos, a goal or purpose. Unfortunately, contemporary discourse on education typically avoids discussions of education’s overarching purpose and instead focuses on techniques. When the telos of education is discussed at all, seldom is ther cultivation of virtue taken to be a central goal. There are, however, two key problems […]

Is Cultivating Virtue Wrong: Acedia and the Strange Beliefs of Our Students

Acedia is not a well-known sin in our day, not because we have overcome it, but because it is nearly omnipresent and has accordingly become invisible. Acedia is spiritual sluggishness, a dullness of soul. It is the sin that makes young men sing hymns in a mediocre fashion. It is the sin that makes young […]

The Centrality of Virtue in the Ancient Understanding of Education

In the contemporary discourse about education, discussion of virtue as the goal of education is strikingly absent. When “virtue education” is mentioned, it is generally treated as an add-on to the curriculum, not as the overarching goal of everything that is studied. This conception of education, however, stands in stark contrast to the ancient understanding […]

Cultivating the Affections of our High School Students in the Age of Lady Gaga

Our high school students live in a culture where narcissism, materialism, concupiscence, and relativism are nurtured and rewarded. This seminar will look at some practical ways that educators and administrators can cultivate the affections of our young people toward virtue in a world where this has never been a more difficult task.