Enrollment Management: A Case Study in Attrition and Retention (PART 1)

John Heaton November 9, 2018

Presented at:
2018 SCL Annual Conference


What Matters Most at School: Data can show us precisely the driving factors that sustain academic excellence over time. How is this to be accomplished with GenX’ers and Millenials? This session will explore those drivers using New Covenant as a case study. The practical takeaways will include what school boards, administrations and faculties must do to achieve real academic results.


Administration Classical Education Classical Schools Governance Leadership Strategies


John Heaton
John Heaton is a native of Orlando, Florida. He has concluded his 20th year as the second Headmaster of New Covenant Schools in Lynchburg, Virginia. New Covenant is a Classical Christian School serving around 450 students in Pre-K through 12th Grade.

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