Humane Letters: An Approach to Integrating History and Literature Instruction

Rick Trumbo June 28, 2015

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Humane Letters: An Approach to Integrating History and Literature Instruction


In this pedagogical workshop, veteran humanities teacher Rick Trumbo will explain how the Veritas School Humane Letters: Antiquity course combines history, literature, and writing instruction in a single, double period course. He will include illustrations and ideas from his Ancient Humanities text. Teachers will also share ideas, practices, and questions they have about interdisciplinary teaching. This workshop is intended for teachers new to interdisiplinary teaching and for those who wish to better integrate writing and literature into their history courses.


History Humanities Interdisciplinary Literature Subject Integration Upper School Writing


Rick Trumbo
Rick Trumbo has finished his 40th year as a teacher of humanities and classics. He is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College (B. A., Humanities) and the University of Richmond (M.Hum., concentration in classics). He is the father of five children and grandfather of ten. He is a ruling elder in the PCA, and has served on the Candidates and Credentials committee of James River Presbytery. He has taught Humanities, Latin, Bible, and Logic at Veritas School for the past nine years. Rick has previously offered workshops at SCL on interdisciplinary courses and on classical virtue in political thought.

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