Structuring Space and Time for Human Flourishing

Sean Riley June 6, 2016

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2016


In this workshop, we will explore ways of structuring space (primarily classroom architecture) and time (scheduling) to promote the flourishing of faculty and students. Every school has limitations regarding space and time, and no two schools are alike in their limitations, but employing a thoughtful design process can help schools make the most of what limited space and time they have. I will share the process whereby we have begun to restructure our classrooms and our daily schedule at The Stony Brook School in hopes of inspiring schools to do the same within the context of their own limitations.


Classroom design scheduling The Stony Brook School


Sean Riley
Sean A. Riley, PhD serves as Academic Dean at The Stony Brook School, a Christian boarding and day school on Long Island. He earned his PhD in philosophy from Baylor University. At The Stony Brook School, Sean has taught courses in history, English, Bible, and philosophy, coached football, tennis, and the Ethics Bowl team, and served as a dorm dad. He lives in Stony Brook with his wife, Emily, and his four children, Aidan, Liam, Honora, and Quinn.

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