The Capstone Project

Robert Ingram June 3, 2012

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SCL Conference 2012


Signature educational programs can distinguish one school from another in markets that offer attractive options to prospective parents. At Geneva Orlando we created a program for seniors that combines a research thesis, oral defense, a comprehensive "Western Narrative" history experience, academic mentoring, symposiums with faculty, and opportunities to be invited to "Great Conversations" held in the community. Together with our classical curriculum and AP courses, we intend for this signature program to compete with IB programs and other schools that annually attract students away from Geneva. What is your school doing to ensure that students are motivated to the highest levels of academic excellence within our liberal arts tradition?


Classical Education Liberal Arts Upper School


Robert Ingram
Robert Ingram, Headmaster of The Geneva School, Orlando, since 2003. Previously he served as a Founding Board member of Geneva and Chairman of the Board for 8 years. Bob is a graduate of The College of Wooster (Ohio), Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (M. Div. and Th.M.) and Geneva College, PA. (Masters of Higher Education). He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, having served in several pastorates and was the Senior Vice-President of Ligonier Ministries from 1986-1995. In addition to consulting with numerous classical schools, Bob has also served as Chairman of The Society for Classical Learning.

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