The Way of The Lady Part 1

Evan Wilson June 3, 2009

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2009


When it comes to being a christian gentleman or lady, we would want to know something other than external behavior. Christian schools have a tendency to produce what Christ describes as "Whitewashed Tombs" or, as Evan Wilson warns, "One is not what one must pretend to be." Through Evan's seminars (The Mojo Oracles and The Tao of Eve) he developed 15 rules of mind for the true gentleman and the true lady. Approaching it philosophically rather than behaviorally makes this boy of thought applicable regardless of era, culture, or economy. The philosophical principles that cause the gentled social behavior are fixed and beget it without pretension. It is always better to "Transform your life by the renewal of your mind" than to be a poseur. In part 1, Evan Wilson explores the ways of a lady: A defense of the method and general introduction, rules on through five including: A lady is chaste, a lady is reverent, a lady is gentle, a lady adorns her world.


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Evan Wilson

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