Training the Affections: Inviting Students to Love Great Music

Lilli Benko June 27, 2012

Presented at:
SCL Conference 2012


As modern American culture trends towards shorter (and flashier) media presentations, our society - including the church - is at risk of loosing the common language of the great works in music and fine arts. Our children are increasingly less familiar with the beauty of music and lack the attention skills and knowledge to understand the seminal works of Bach through 20th century Jazz. Classical education is the ideal environment to nurture young apprentices in the art of listening and, ultimately, to become creators of new material to glorify God. In this seminar we will explore creative and practical ways to train students to discern artistry and become lovers and advocate of great music and the fine arts.


Classical Education Fine Arts Music


Lilli Benko
With a B.A. in Music and Rhetoric/Communication Studies from the University of Virginia, Lilli received her formative training in violin with Ronda Respess (Atlanta Symphony), participated in summer festivals at the Brevard School of Music and Indiana University School of Music, and served as concertmaster and rst violinist for various youth orchestras and quartets. She actively performs in Richmond area chamber ensembles, theater orchestras and is a member of her worship team at West End Presbyterian Church. Lilli is living her ‘dream day job’ as a Director of Arts Education which enables her to teach and design music curriculum at Veritas in Richmond, Virginia. ”I am thrilled to work alongside an immensely talented and dedicated faculty in cultivating students’ affections for God’s glory through the ne and performing arts.” Lilli relishes the daily adventure and joys of shepherding Win (13) and Tad (6) alongside her husband, Matt .

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