The Effectively Managed Classroom

Would you like to have fewer disciplinary problems in your class? Are you spending all your time and effort keeping your students under control? Do you find yourself completely drained at the end of each day with little energy to invest in your family? It can be different! Learn how proactive procedures, as well as biblical standards and expectations, can produce an Effectively Managed Class(room).

Shirley Emerson

Shirley Emerson is the 1st grade teacher at Calvary Classical School in Hampton, Virginia, where she also serves on the Academic Planning Committee, Special Needs Committee, and Staffing Committee. She has a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Old Dominion University. Mrs. Emerson recently completed a two-year term as Director of Children's Ministries at Hope Presbyterian Church in Smithfield, Virginia, where she is a member. She has been married to her husband, Dale for 11 years and they have three children ages 7, 4, and 3, who are all students at CCS.

Classical 104: Five Steps to Improving Every Classroom

Good teachers want to be effective; administrators want to be able to provide concrete advice that helps them to achieve their goals. This workshop looks at five characteristics of classical teaching and learning that can be applied in any Christian school classroom. Students will learn more, and you’ll have more fun teachings them!

Charles Evans

Chuck has been a proponent of classical Christian schooling since he became the founding Head of School of Faith Christian School in Roanoke, Virginia, in 1996. As a consultant since 2006, Chuck has assisted dozens of schools in various aspects of development. He was involved in the original leadership of SCL and helped co-found the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA). He is an annual presenter at the Van Lunen Center for Christian School Management's Fellows Program, and he teaches each summer at Vanderbilt University. Chuck and his wife, Julie, live in Austin. They are blessed with seven children, three dogs, two cats and a rabbit. Really.