They have outgrown the cute songs and jingles, they have mastered amo, amas, amat; so what next? This presentation gives practical advice on how to teach students in the logic stage of learning (grades 7-9) by making use of the styles of learning that suit them best. this not only includes building on the grammar lessons of previous years, but also training students in reading and literary analysis. Whether the student is new to Latin, or building upon the foundation established in the grammar school, Karen will provide teachers with strategies for facilitating the student’s journey into the wonderful world of Latin literature.

Karen Moore

Karen Moore began her study of Latin in seventh grade, and added Greek to her linguistic studies during her college years. Karen earned a BA. in classics from the University of Texas in 1996. Since that time she has taught latin to students in grades three through twelve through a number of venues. Currently, she is in her ninth year as the Latin Chair at Grace Academy of Georgetowne, a classical Christian school located in the heart of Texas. Karen teaches an award winning chapter of the National Junior Classical League. Karen and her husband, Bryan, have three children who attend school at Grace Academy.