Virgil and Ovid each began their epic work with an invocation to their muse. Each of these poets has in turn played the muse to countless artists throughout the ages. Bringing this artwork into the classroom will breathe new life into ancient texts. Whether you choose to read these works in Latin or in English, this workshop will demonstrate how to integrate art studies with the reading of the literature that inspired them. This presentation will include 3-4 lesson plans that incorporate art analysis of a specific work of art alongside the piece of original Latin literature (English translations provided) that inspired this particular piece. We will look at selections from Virgil’s Aeneid, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Karen will give the background of both the painting and the literary work and offer lesson plan ideas for analysis of each piece in light of the other.

Karen Moore

Karen has led both teaching and administrative roles at Grace Academy of Georgetown, a classical Christian school in central Texas, where she has built the 3rd- through 12th-grade classical language program. She has nearly 20 years of experience teaching Latin, Greek and ancient humanities in classical Christian schools. Karen also sponsors the school's award-winning chapter of the Junior Classical League. She is the author of Latin Alive Reader: Latin Literature from Cicero to Newton, multiple Latin texts and the Essential Latin course for teachers on ClassicalU. Karen blogs at www.latinaliveonline. com. She and her husband, Bryan, are the proud parents of graduates of Grace Academy and one high school junior.