How the Trivium meets
all student needs

About the Workshop

Truly excellent education should serve all.  The Trivium as the “stages of development” has too often led to rigor mortis rather than rigor.  A student that can’t memorize during the “grammar stage” repeats a grade and the advanced student is bored.  A student who struggles with logical reasoning can’t get past early secondary, and the advanced student is ready for more.  The “rhetoric” stage doesn’t “arrive” for the struggling learner and the advanced student is ready far earlier to develop rhetoric.  But, the Trivium, rightly understood, moves away from stages of development and instead develops the thinking skills that lead to discernment – meeting the student where they are at. All students, no matter their cognitive ability, are image bearers of the Triune God and as such should have this rich education.  Developing these crucial trivium skills in Christian students is excellent education and it truly serves all.

Meeting Dates and Times: Meeting on Wednesdays beginning September 14th, 4:00 PM PST 

Meet Your Workshop Leader

Heather Lloyd has been teaching for 28 years and has worked in and consulted for various schools. This work fostered the idea for Concordis Education Partners, providing services that schools need so that heads of school can focus on what really matters; excellent, gospel-centric education that serves all. Concordis Education Partners works with over twenty schools, provides administrative services, training for teachers, and provides specialized support for schools that take students with special needs.
Heather LLoyd
Concordis Education Partners

Workshop Syllabus

  • What is grammar?
  • Building grammar skills in a subject.
  • What is logic?
  • Building logic skills in a subject.
  • What is rhetoric?
  • Building rhetoric skills in a subject.
  • Meeting students where they are at
  • Developing skills in the individual student
  • Soft Grading
  • Hard Grading
  • Individualizing assessments


Trivium workshop

$ 679
  • SCL Member Schools receive 10% discount


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